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"If you are someone who is looking for a tour full of adrenaline rushes and an array of magical display by nature – you have chosen the right partner to accompany you on your journey."   Welcome to Trans Himalaya Outdoors……………. Inspired by the awing beauty of the snowy peaks, the tantalizing scent of the blue hills & the rugged landscape which challenges your level of endurance, Trans Himalaya Outdoors (THO) has been established to give travelers an entirely different experience when they visit the Himalayan region.  The Himalayan region in its stretch of 2500 kilometer extends from the Kashmir to Arunachal. Its presence is a pride for three nations of the world; India, Nepal & Bhutan. The young mountain range nurtures an extremely valuable package of exotic flora & fauna, colorful cultural diversity of people and tribes, tranquil forests and gushing rivers; the Zanskar, the Ganges, the Beas, the Brahmaputra, the Lohit to name a few.  The region is a treat