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Sikkim the paradise of adventure tourism- Bhaskar Das Adventure tourism has a wide prospect in Sikkim. Sikkim is a land of mountains and has a myriad of attraction for nature and adventure lovers. Natural features like mountain lakes, streams, natural caves, rocks, the forests full of rhododendron and pines and the snow capped peaks are the major attraction for the major chunk of tourists who come for sight seeing.   For the ones who come seeking for some thrill there are also the wild path through jungles and snow. Tourists have been coming here from different parts of the country and abroad for the last couple of years and taking the most of the views of its wilderness. The major attractions in adventure in Sikkim are trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting and kayaking and mountain biking and cycling. Trekking In modern sense trekking means walking on foot in the hills and mountains for pleasure, study, research and recreation. Sikkim is the ultimate de


Himalayan Kingdom NEPAL - Himali Thapa Das ‘The antique charm of Kathmandu is unshakeable’. This is the thought that came to my mind after my recent visit to the capital of the Himalayan kingdom after a decade had passed since my prior visit. The devastating earthquake and the political upheavals had not lessened the ‘awe’ effect that the place has on visitors. Starting from the traditional welcome at Tribhuwan international airport till the farewell dinner it was an enchanting experience. The major landmarks of Kathmandu, Pashupati Nath Temple and the Swayambhunath Stupa are both robust places which are with no doubt an anthropology hub. An early morning visit to the Pashupati Nath temple is in the itinerary of majority of the tourists. The flower sellers at the entrance showed a peculiar sense of trust on the devotees. You choose your basket offer prayers and pay on your way back. Quite impressive! I tried my best to take a sneak photograph of the interiors of th


A beautiful and popular trek of Nepal, Poon Hill (3210m) Trekking completed successfully. A team of 6 trekkers and 4 supporting staffs from Trans Himalaya Outdoors completed this trek successfully during March 2020!