Sikkim the paradise of Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism has a wide prospect in Sikkim. Sikkim is a land of mountains and has a myriad of attraction for nature and adventure lovers. Natural features like mountain lakes, streams, natural caves, rocks, the forests full of rhododendron and pines and the snow capped peaks are the major attraction for the major chunk of tourists who come for sight seeing.  For the ones who come seeking for some thrill there are also the wild path through jungles and snow. Tourists have been coming here from different parts of the country and abroad for the last couple of years and taking the most of the views of its wilderness.
The major attractions in adventure in Sikkim are trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering, rafting and kayaking and mountain biking and cycling.

In modern sense trekking means walking on foot in the hills and mountains for pleasure, study, research and recreation.
Sikkim is the ultimate destination for a trekker offering various routes from short and easy to long and hard. The spectacular Himalayas, abode of snow, evoke a feeling of reverence and excitement which is universal.
The major and popular trek routes of the state are Dzongri - Goechala of 4530 meter stretch in the west district and Green Lake of 4940 meter stretch in north district of Sikkim.
Besides these there are many off beat routes in the state which includes Hilley - Versay-Dentam, Pemayangtse – Sangacholing - Khechepolri, Ravangla – Maenam - Bhaleydunga, Gangtok – Tinjure - Martom, Assamlingsey – Khedi - Selapass, Uttarey – Chewabhanjang - Chaurigang, Tashiding – Labdong - Sinon, and Rinchenpong – Ringsum - Kaluk and so on.
For undertaking these trekking programmes successfully the arrangement required to be made are transportation, food and accommodation. There are many reputed travel agents who do all the needful arrangement and conduct trek in these wild routes. Except for the Dzongri route there is lack of facilities like accommodation and food, so prior arrangement should be done properly before placing your feet on the path of exploration.

Rock Climbing   
Rock climbing is the major part of mountaineering. In recent past it has developed so much that it has become a science itself. The most interesting part of rock climbing is the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding landscape which keeps up the spirit of rock climbers. Apart from giving pleasure it develops physical and mental fitness which is very essential to face the challenges of today’s world.
Sikkim has certain outstanding rock structure extending over great length and rightly enjoys championship status.
The major rock climbing areas in the state are situated at Bulbuley near Gangtok and in Rhenok area in east Sikkim. A rock climber can take the taste of different gradation and height from the variety of rocks on offer by nature.
Apart from these two there are also other beautiful rock climbing areas in the state situated in Bakhim, Ravangla and Martom area.

Rafting and Kayaking    
The gurgling rivers which arise from glaciers become untamed when they spread down into the different valleys and are ideal for white water rafting and kayaking. White water rafting derives its name from white forthy waves of the river whose action reveal new panorama with every bend. The gorges with vegetation covered vertical walls soaring from the swift waters, luxuriant waterfalls and tranquil lakes are feast to everybody’s eyes and truly a precious gift of nature.
The rivers like Teesta and Rangeet are very good for different grades of rafting. The major routes on the river Teesta are the Makha – Siwani - Bardang, Bardang – Mining - Malli and on the river Rangeet you have the Sikip - Jorethanmg route.
For kayaking besides Teesta and Rangeet, Singla is also promising. An experienced rafter can take part in other mountain streams in the state.

Mountaineering is the king of sports; it includes trekking, rock climbing and snow crafting. There are many peaks of around six thousand meter height which are open for climbing. Unfortunately few major peaks which are closed for climbers due to some religious beliefs. Mountaineering needs lot of courage, skill, stamina of mind and physic to face the challenges of nature. Only trained people can participate in the climbing expedition.
The peaks open for climbing in Sikkim are Tinchenkhang (6010mt), Jopuno, Bramkhangse (5635mt), Frey (5830mt) and Lama Wangden (5868mt) lies in west and north Sikkim.
The adventure travel agents are always ready for making the arrangement for the climbers in terms of equipments, food, transportation and porter etc.      

Mountain Biking and Cycling
Besides the above mentioned activities, Sikkim also welcomes explorers and adventurers for mountain biking and cycling. The state boasts of beautiful metal roads as well as rugged paths which makes ideal for activities like mountain biking and cycling. Some major routes for such adventure are Gangtok – Rumtek – Sang - Singtam, Gangtok – Rumtek – Ranka - Gangtok, Gangtok - Tashi View Point - Ganesh Tok - Gangtok, Rinchenpong - Chakung, Dentam - Namchi etc.                                                           
Though Sikkim has an offer of an attraction on land and water based adventure, air adventure like paragliding and Para sailing also are in an experimental stage. The above activities require mental and physical toughness which however does not deter the spirit of adventure lovers who come here to the land of wilderness for relishing the spirit of something different. The rugged but soothing arms of nature are always open to welcome all to this state of profound beauty to discover it more and more.

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